Delirium in kans grassland

The vapor in monsoon air gone downkans grasses has become dense greenburning in the sun waiting for you.Ink has left the team of cloudssome openbill storks scratching the blue canvas aboveThe kadama flowers drying outtired waiting to see you in wet peacock blue sari.Come at least with fluffy cotton clouds,come to play hide and seek … Continue reading Delirium in kans grassland

Boishakhi Mela

জলে ডোবা ভাত জাগে সারারাত কাঁচা মরিচ আর পেঁয়াজ সড়াত বেলা পড়ে এলো জলদি চল বাঁশের খৃঁটিতে কত পেলি বল? মায়ের আঁচলের দু'পাচ টাকা কপালটা নয় একেবারে ফাঁকা...


Do you have any heart? Or, just an android robot, wearing a human suit? Only piece in a million perhaps a dumb alien far from the Hyperion landed on Earth without any vision If not, then sure from caveman's charcoal sketch with a rhombus face. That's how they say and my face turns gray I … Continue reading Tinman


Star studded night of late autumn the girl with black cascade hair left She did not accept request of the passionate poet Oh, she did not look back did not stare at barn owl not at fallen feathers She did not see fireflies glowing in the foggy ...